Securing success with an AWS Well-Architected Framework

September 17, 2021
Kevin Muldoon
Sr. Director Cloud Transformation

Organizations are changing how they do business, transitioning from legacy products to a nimble, application-centric digital economy. Although traditional infrastructure still plays a role in enterprise operations, the future belongs to a more flexible networking model. These newer systems are scalable and efficient, able to support digital services-based revenue streams, and empower developers to rapidly develop new capabilities.

AWS Well-Architected Framwork helps enterprises achieve transformation
AWS Well-Architected Framework helps enterprises achieve transformation.

A public cloud managed by CBTS and powered by Amazon Web Services AWS Well-Architected Framework helps enterprises achieve this transformation while benefitting the bottom line. In a recent Magic Quadrant report, Gartner praised AWS as a hyperscale provider delivering a robust portfolio of startups, SMBs, and large companies.

With CBTS as a proven certified partner on the development side, IT buyers can capitalize on new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) delivery models. Utilizing an AWS Well-Architected Framework solution from CBTS can optimize your cloud architecture, reduce risk, achieve cost savings, and hasten innovation.

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CBTS enhances the AWS Well-Architected Framework experience

With CBTS as an AWS Well-Architected Framework partner, organizations can harness best practices and discover opportunities for cost reduction, application performance, and risk mitigation.

The CBTS process is comprised of four key elements designed to meet a client’s unique needs:

  • Assessment. CBTS provides a detailed analysis of a client’s legacy system and business model to fully understand the IT environment and how it supports workload dynamics. CBTS engineers are trained to determine optimum cloud solutions and workloads based on application demands and use-case scenarios.
  • Design. During the design stage, certified AWS experts from CBTS establish the most efficient and cost-effective cloud environments, including refactoring of existing applications.
  • Migration. CBTS engineers then convert legacy applications and infrastructure before orchestrating the migration to AWS. This ensures a secure and efficient transition process with minimal disruption.
  • Management. CBTS provides a fully maintained AWS Well-Architected Framework environment. This suite of services includes ongoing operations along with daily monitoring and adjustment. With a managed network, your teams can focus on developing new capabilities and discovering new markets. IT is therefore removed as a major price point and becomes a value-added asset to the business.
CBTS recommends a tiered approach to a managed public cloud, a method that includes:
  • Foundational AWS. An architecture consisting of managed infrastructure for compute and storage applications. CBTS can handle configuration, support, and infrastructure maintenance alongside AWS services such as security, identity protection, content delivery, and network compliance.
  • Advanced AWS. Fostering support for advanced AWS features and cloud-native services is the aim of this tier. CBTS promotes high-level management and governance tools such as Opsworks and Trusted Advisor, as well as engagement services like Pinpoint.
  • AWS PaaS DevOps. Among this phase’s features are a next-gen platform featuring IaaS, automated deployments, and backing for a broad range of applications and infrastructure. Supported by CBTS, the goal of this segment is a seamless implementation of DevOps and CI/CD workflows, resulting in higher quality and faster time to market of the initial release as well as future deployments.

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An improved user experience through AWS

The powerful AWS Well-Architected Framework is an answer for the challenges enterprises encounter with legacy AWS environments and application configurations.

For example, a home-building industry client runs a third-party line of business applications that provide material and cost planning for new homes. The company wanted to move the application to its AWS tenant but was challenged to identify the best architecture for optimal performance.

The client tasked CBTS to determine the cause behind slowdowns and bottlenecks impacting performance. After reviewing the enterprise’s legacy infrastructure, CBTS designed an AWS Well-Architected Framework solution to rightsize this digital transformation.

With mission-critical applications running in a dedicated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), the company centralized and simplified its most pressing end-to-end workflow demands. Agile new architecture from CBTS delivers always-on accessibility, location- and vendor-agnostic flexibility, reduced cost, and an overall improved user experience.

A CBTS-led framework providing leading digital capabilities

Leveraging CBTS-managed services with an AWS Well-Architected Framework brings industry-leading cloud competencies to your busy enterprise. World-class expertise from CBTS in designing and managing advanced data architecture will ensure a smooth digital transition for your organization.

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