Building a path to indoor 5G

Moving 5G indoors to enable machine-to-machine learning, IoT efficiencies and "Mobile First" initiatives

5G networks are no longer a dream of the future.  They’re finally here and delivering faster speeds with lower latency.  As building owners look to improve wireless connectivity inside their facilities to bring 5G indoors, CBTS can help with an in-building wireless Distributed Antenna System as a Service (DASaaS) solution that can deliver an always-on indoor wireless signal to any device, from any cellular carrier.

Indoor 5G Distributed Antenna System

Cellular signals weren’t designed to penetrate walls.

CBTS launches DAS in-building wireless coverage

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In fact, poor in-building cellular connectivity is usually caused by RF shielded building materials.

Such as steel, LEED certified energy efficient windows, and concrete.

80% mobile traffic occurs inside of buildings

66% of organizations plan to deploy 5G by 2020


A wireless network supported from the inside, out

CBTS wireless network engineers will custom design, install, and support an in-building wireless solution that is 5G ready, fiber-based, multi-carrier, and supported 24x7x365.

  • 5G ready

    DASaaS can support all frequencies from 150MHz to 2700MHz on one hardware layer, making the addition of carriers, public safety frequencies, and new technologies like 5G easy with little to no adjustment to installed hardware.

  • Fiber based

    DASaaS uses a fiber backhaul that makes the system more affordable and easier to install with less disruption to regular day-to-day business.

  • Multi-carrier

    DASaaS can support one, some or all of the cellular and public safety frequencies in use today from the moment of installation. Even if you initially launch with one wireless carrier, adding carriers and frequencies in the future is simple.

  • Supported 24x7x365

    After installation, CBTS experts provide ongoing support services, including:
    – Management of cellular carrier relationships and support
    – Monitor and maintenance of DAS system 24x7x365 to ensure superior service
    – Deliver of DAS performance reports on a regular basis

A mobile-first campaign required a flexible and reliable solution

See how one aviation manufacturer reduced telecommunication expenses, increased employee mobility, and streamlined teleconferencing capabilities with DASaaS from CBTS.

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