Cut costs and create a future-proof network with managed NaaS and UCaaS solutions

August 21, 2020
Neal Marksberry

Champion Windows & Home Exteriors is a Cincinnati-based manufacturer and distributor of windows, siding, roofing, and doors with 55 factory showroom locations across the United States. The growing enterprise was looking to future-proof its network, upgrade its security, boost performance across its network, and provide a better customer experience for internal and external customers. 

Champion Windows & Home Exteriors chose to partner with CBTS to solve its issues and prepare the business for the future. There were a number of challenges presented to CBTS to solve:

  • A slow and expensive multi-protocol label-switching (MPLS) network.
  • The need for a universal network platform that could be centrally controlled and connected to all locations.
  • The need for a universal integrated phone system.
  • Improved bandwidth at 55 nationwide locations with the ability to access cloud applications.
  • The need for a superior MPLS provider focused on customer service and company success.

A future-proof, cost-effective, connected, and secure network

CBTS went to work and recommended Network as a Service (NaaS) with Hosted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). The tailored solution would meet Champion Windows’ goals of connectivity, budget, and superior customer service. 

The CBTS solution provided Champion Windows with the following benefits: 

  • Higher bandwidth, more performance, at lower costs compared to traditional MPLS. 
  • A secure firewall to protect customer resources. 
  • An agile cloud-based network infrastructure. 
  • Hosted Unified Communications (UC) that frees up internal IT resources to focus on other important initiatives. 
  • The elimination of costly, obsolete technology.

Cut your IT costs in half

When the dust had settled, the results for Champion Windows exceeded the company’s expectations. Compared to its old network, it was now enjoying a 50% savings in cost.

The CBTS scalable solution allowed Champion to only pay for what it needed. Not only did it cut costs in half, but it also got the performance it needed. Champion enjoys increased speed and connectivity, improved security across all locations, better customer service, and the ability to scale services as it grows within a future-proof network. 

Choosing the right technology partner saves your budget 

More and more technology vendors are emerging as companies realize the improved performance and cost savings of switching to Network as a Service (NaaS) solutions with Hosted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Evaluating the different vendors and platforms goes beyond the features and benefits of the applications that those vendors use. The process also involves establishing user policies and formulating a plan for efficient implementation and training.

Here are three important questions to ask prospective technology partners before you hire them: 

  1. How established is the technology partner and their tools, and is security a top priority? The best companies use a holistic approach to security and employ experienced security personnel to identify and eliminate threats proactively. 
  2. How does the technology partner support rollout and training? A good partner helps establish policies to reinforce your company’s security and simplify implementation. 
  3. Does the vendor support end-to-end connectivity for today’s agile workforce? Managing a hosted application environment requires visibility across the entire organization with the ability to monitor threats in real-time. 

Working with an experienced technology partner cuts costs by improving efficiency and processes, as well as reducing the costs of security breaches. 

Ready to cut your IT costs in half and get better results? Read the full Champion Windows & Home Exteriors case study and Connect with CBTS to get a free assessment. 

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