Improve voice and video conference quality by implementing SD-WAN and UCaaS together

December 20, 2019
Dave Absalom
Director, Solution Design

The business world is continually evolving, and the success of your organization depends upon your ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing competitive environment.

Collaboration among dispersed employees, partners, and customers is paramount for business success.  

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) from CBTS can transform your business  by allowing your distributed workforce, partners, and customers to communicate and collaborate via the cloud, combining voice, video conferencing, and text messaging applications on a single platform.

Additionally, Unified Communications as a Service

brings a flexible, scalable, cloud-based communications platform that is less expensive than onsite hardware and services typically leased from traditional telecommunications providers.

To get the most out of UCaaS, customers often pair the technology with a Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) from CBTS to avoid dropped calls, weak signals, and lagging video connections.

Standalone UCaaS can result in poor voice quality and video conference quality

As businesses have moved communications to the cloud, some users experience poor quality for voice and video conferencing, depending upon how their services are delivered. Poor quality service, for example, can occur when enterprises try to utilize UCaaS over the public internet. Unified Communications solutions over the internet treat voice and data the same way, which can result in communication lags and dropped calls, especially when using voice and video conferencing platforms simultaneously.

These communication lags and dropped calls result from network configurations that move voice and data packets to several data centers before reaching their final destinations. This type of packet transport can cause pixelated images, frozen screens, dropped calls, echoes, and poor voice and video communications quality. Moreover, these issues can be made worse through the use of modern collaboration and productivity applications, which are increasingly dynamic and require more and more bandwidth, further degrading user experiences.

Additionally, poor communications quality often occurs when public internet access-only systems cannot prioritize traffic to reduce congestion, jitter, and packet loss – factors causing the communications delays that negatively impact user experience and erode productivity. To solve problems with lag and dropped calls, companies often pair UCaaS with SD-WAN.

Combining UCaaS with SD-WAN for optimal user experiences

CBTS SD-WAN solutions streamline distributed organizations into an easily accessible enterprise where everyone, regardless of proximity, can connect to the main office network via the public internet. When deployed together, SD-WAN and UCaaS connect enterprise networks across significant geographical distances while managing bandwidth and using dynamic path selection to deliver optimal user experiences on voice and video conferencing applications.

A UCaaS and SD-WAN implementation routes network activity through the organization’s infrastructure in the most efficient way, eliminating voice issues and video delays and facilitating seamless collaboration between employees, partners, and customers.

Choosing the right SD-WAN and UCaaS provider

Choosing an experienced SD-WAN and UCaaS provider can reduce operational and capital expenses while improving voice and video conferencing performance. When paired together, UCaaS and SD-WAN consolidate WAN services – routing, Wi-Fi, ethernet, firewalls, voice, collaboration, and application visibility – onto a single platform.

The CBTS SD-WAN platform improves cloud-based application performance and facilitates communication between employees, partners, and customers at locations across the country and around the world. SD-WAN is quickly becoming a business imperative to support workloads and applications that are increasingly migrating to the cloud, while cloud-based UC systems allow businesses to connect the right people to make decisions quickly.

CBTS leverages UCaaS and SD-WAN technology together to transform the way your organization communicates by replacing aging, outdated phone systems. Because the UCaaS system is fully hosted, your IT team is freed to focus their time on vital business initiatives, rather than troubleshooting and repairing old telecommunications gear.

The right SD-WAN makes it easy for IT teams to configure, upgrade, and manage the network from a single dashboard. Using UCaaS in conjunction with their SD-WAN solution ensures employees can access their main office network via an inexpensive internet connection, creating an improved user experience that optimizes business performance.

Contact CBTS experts today to learn how SD-WAN and UCaaS can transform your business.

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