Integrating Hosted UC and Webex to enable unified collaboration and simplified IT

October 28, 2020
Jeremy Kramer
Solutions Enablement Manager

As communication channels rapidly evolve in today’s digital age, businesses must adapt quickly to support seamless interactions across voice, video, mobile, messaging, and chat. With workplace trends shifting toward more remote collaboration, it can be challenging for organizations to effectively manage a multitude of tools to keep employees, customers, and partners actively engaged across channels, devices, and locations.

business woman on the move, utilizing unified collaboration tools

To provide a more flexible workplace for their employees, agile enterprises are turning to hosted unified communications as a service (hosted UCaaS) to streamline collaboration and maximize productivity. Now, the advanced collaboration capabilities of Cisco Webex are fully integrated into the CBTS Hosted UC platform powered by Cisco BroadWorks—bringing together hosted VoIP, chat, video conferencing, remote meeting capabilities, and many more features—all through a unified collaboration application: Webex.

By combining all the features of Hosted UC enterprise-grade cloud communications solutions with the Webex collaboration tool, CBTS delivers an integrated platform that empowers companies to stay completely connected. Keep reading to learn how this integration can increase productivity and improve efficiency in your organization.

Unified collaboration and communication

Modern communication can be a juggling act that requires toggling between systems, devices, and networks to carry on a conversation. When enterprise phone systems are completely integrated into cloud-based collaboration tools, it streamlines the user experience and simplifies IT operations.

Leveraging the leading VoIP technology from Cisco BroadWorks, the CBTS platform enables WiFi calling, hosted VoIP calling, and smooth VoIP handovers to support calls as you move between data networks. Similarly, the system can seamlessly move active calls from audio to video, or from desk phone to softphone to mobile phone with a single click—without interrupting your call.

By integrating these calling capabilities with Webex, CBTS users can enhance the omnichannel collaboration experience for internal employees and external partners alike. Group chat, file sharing, whiteboarding, chat, and presence features make it easy to collaborate anywhere, at any time, with built-in application integrations that automatically connect to other business tools you use every day.

Meanwhile, Webex meetings features keep teams connected even when working remotely. Users can join meetings from any device with a single click, while effectively multitasking and staying productive. Online meeting rooms blend audio, HD video, chat, messaging, screen sharing, and wireless content sharing to keep participants engaged.

Blending these features on a single hosted UC platform creates a seamless communication experience. Instead of dealing with dial-in numbers or using mobile phone minutes, CBTS users can join virtual meetings with the click of a button from the company’s enterprise dial plan. You can make and take phone calls through the Webex application—using the desktop, tablet, or smartphone device of your choice—to connect more easily and collaborate more effectively. If you prefer to continue to use a traditional desk handset, that option is available as well.

The enhanced Hosted UC experience

By integrating cloud calling and collaboration solutions onto one secure platform, CBTS delivers a managed UCaaS experience to help companies future-proof their communication infrastructure. Designed to be open and interoperable across the most complex enterprise ecosystems, our integrated solutions are custom-designed to deliver the tools you need to enhance your unique customer journey.

Whether your employees work from one central office, multiple locations, or remotely from home, they can enjoy one core user experience across multiple devices, software applications, and workstyle preferences. Plus, CBTS can layer on advanced applications such as hosted IVR, mass notifications, e-911, and other contact center features to make your employees or agents more productive and your business more profitable.

Simplifying enterprise calling, messaging, and video conferencing through the unified Webex platform can also reduce telephony hardware costs and ongoing maintenance requirements, since upgrades happen automatically without any downtime or additional investments. The predictable fixed monthly cost of hosted UC enables you to focus on core innovations instead of billing surprises.

Hosted UC from CBTS delivers all the features of an enterprise-grade, cloud-enabled communications solution, combined with the latest remote collaboration apps—all on a single platform that’s flexible enough to scale up as your business grows. With 99.999% network availability and full redundancy, along with end-to-end security and 24x7x365 support, CBTS integrates Hosted UC with Webex to meet the full range of ever-changing communication and collaboration capabilities your enterprise needs in order to be equipped for the future.

Contact us to learn how Webex can empower your business to leverage the benefits of Hosted UC.

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