Supporting secure business solutions on the cloud

August 17, 2021
Craig Kathman
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Keeping pace with enterprise-level communications can be challenging in the digital age, as customers and employees both expect fast responses and seamless interactions across channels. Instead of toggling between platforms and devices to stay connected, agile organizations are looking for more effective ways to streamline and secure business communications on the cloud.

By integrating enterprise telephony, communication, and collaboration, CBTS helps companies deliver a seamless experience across channels. With hosted enterprise unified communications (UC), businesses can unlock significant benefits to protect from outages, downtimes, and other delays that might impede smooth communication.

Moving to the cloud can enhance communication and collaboration across an enterprise by enabling:

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1. Carrier-grade protection

Expert engineers work around the clock to resolve issues instantly to support business solutions on the cloud.

When power outages or equipment failures shut down your network, you can’t connect with prospects, close sales, or collaborate with colleagues. To prevent these costly disruptions, CBTS delivers its hosted enterprise UC services over a carrier-grade network with 99.999% service level agreements to keep you connected.

Ten redundant data centers across North America provide disaster recovery and business continuity in case of an emergency, along with multiple server clusters, power sources, and network paths. Additionally, the U.S.-based Enterprise Network Operations teams at CBTS monitor and manage your network 24x7x365. Expert engineers work around the clock to resolve issues instantly, ensuring that your secure business communications won’t miss a beat.

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2. One number, any phone

By connecting your enterprise telephony system to the cloud, you get the convenience and flexibility of using one number on any device. Whether you want to take calls through your desktop, tablet, smartphone, or handset, this capability allows calls to be forwarded seamlessly.

Using call pull capabilities, you can even move active calls from one device to another with a single click without interrupting your conversation. Meanwhile, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) handover maintains call quality as you move between data networks, switching from Wi-Fi to LTE. When you’re not tethered to a desk phone or on-site network, you can enjoy simple and secure business communication instead of contending with uncooperative technology.

3. Work from anywhere

If inclement weather, power outages, or other emergencies prevent your team from commuting to the office, the cloud can provide virtual meeting spaces to facilitate remote collaboration. Whether you’re on the go, working from home, or gathered in a conference room, CBTS offers a fully integrated unified collaboration experience with enterprise hosted UC.

By bringing together Webex’s advanced messaging and meeting capabilities within a single app, the cloud makes it easy to connect with voice, video, chat, screen sharing, file sharing, conferencing, and other remote collaboration tools. Wherever you are, you can join virtual meetings with a single click using your enterprise dial plan. With a unified solution that’s ”always on”’ across any device, you can be productive anywhere, anytime.

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4. Safely store sensitive data

As information travels faster than ever across a growing number of channels and devices, keeping your data safe is critical. End-to-end encryption helps bolster the security of your business communications through the cloud, while robust analytics allow your IT team to keep a close eye on your business in real-time.

When enterprise data is stored on the cloud, information can be synced instantly and accessed compliantly from any location. Paired with data loss prevention and risk assurance practices, the cloud enables collaboration while protecting your data, users, and devices. Hosted UC keeps your communications compliant and secure without sacrificing the must-have features you need to run your business.

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5. Integrated cloud contact center

Customers expect prompt service from knowledgeable agents every time they contact your business, and if you can’t engage with them quickly and conveniently, they’ll find another company that will. An integrated omni-channel, cloud-based contact center can equip your enterprise to adapt swiftly to these evolving expectations.

Leveraging CBTS Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) can enhance the experience for your agents and your customers alike. With predictive analytics, adaptive routing, and active blending, CCaaS empowers agents to shift automatically from outbound to inbound queues when your call center traffic peaks. Bringing these robust contact center capabilities together on the cloud results in more productive agents and more satisfied customers.

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Ensuring secure business communications

Omni-channel communication can be daunting for enterprises especially while balancing a remote workforce with regulatory compliance. With CBTS as your guide to navigate these communication challenges, your business can reap the benefits of the cloud to drive revenues while reducing risks.

The engineering experts at CBTS can custom-design a voice and data solution for your business, leveraging UC to integrate the tools that connect your company with your customers on the cloud. With multiple service delivery options, ongoing support, and automatic upgrades, CBTS is with you every step of the way.

Contact the UC experts at CBTS to streamline and secure your business communications today.

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