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October 20, 2020
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COVID-19 has changed many aspects within the retail, government and education, and large enterprise verticals. It has required IT leadership to address issues in 2020, and soon 2021, in ways previously unimagined.

To help you navigate the solutions that are customized to meet each vertical’s needs, CBTS will host a three-part webcast series during which our experts will break down each unique vertical.

Through three engaging discussions, this series will explore the most pressing issues and opportunities surrounding retail, government and education, and large enterprise verticals today. Below is an overview of what we’ll cover.

Webcast Series 4.1: Tailoring your pitch for the retail vertical

In the first installment of this webcast series, the team of CBTS experts will help you discover how to tailor your pitch towards the retail vertical. They will examine multiple solutions that will help accelerate your clients’ retail growth and lower cost. By enabling your clients with robust guest Wi-Fi, rich analytics, and enhanced customer experience they will maximize the value of their applications.

The first webcast will feature insights from CBTS experts including Matt Douglass, Senior Director of Solution Engineering, and Alex Broome, Senior Sales Engineer.

Secure your spot now for this webcast, scheduled for Thursday, October 29, at 1:30 p.m. EDT.
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Webcast Series 4.2: Leading in the government and education verticals

In the second session of this Expert Breakdown series, we’ll take a vertical dive into the government and education verticals.

With the current pandemic, call volumes and citizen requests have skyrocketed while at the same time employees were sent home to work, often with a reduced set of tools. Learn how these changes have opened the channel to a new set of opportunities with state central IT, agencies, counties, and municipal entities. Our experts will explore who is looking, what they are looking for, and how government engagements differ in style from commercial engagements.

The needs within the education vertical have changed drastically as well, with education IT staff facing new challenges due to the need for secure remote collaboration with students. See how UCaaS and web collaboration tools are used, whether by k-12 or higher education. Discover the increased concern over data protection and security for faculty, staff, and students.

Join our duo of vertical experts—Tim Lonsway, Vice President of SLED, and Matt Douglass, Senior Director of Solution Engineering—to dive into the education and government verticals.

Reserve your virtual seat today for this webcast, scheduled for Thursday, November 5, at 1:30 p.m. EDT.
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Webcast Series 4.3: Scaling into the large enterprise vertical: Ask a CIO

The final webcast of the series will explore different factors that are important to a CIO within our current state of the market. Through a live panel discussion moderated by CBTS Channel Chief Rob Messmer, CBTS CIOs will analyze how technology leaders enabled the rapid change by implementing solutions that allowed virtual employees to stay productive and secure. See how enterprise companies are enabling the virtual workforce.

A panel of experts—featuring CBTS SVP and CIO Kevin Murray, CIO – Healthcare Practice Dustin Leek, and Senior Director of Solution Engineering Matt Douglass—will confront the biggest questions, challenges, and opportunities surrounding the large enterprise vertical.

Tune in to participate in the live Q&A, scheduled for Thursday, November 12 at 1 p.m. EDT.
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Navigating all the different verticals during this time of rapid change can be challenging. That’s why CBTS designed this new webcast series to dive into four primary verticals.

Join our three-part webcast series to find answers to your biggest vertical questions.

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