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February 28, 2018
Author: Josh Pichler
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CBTS is pleased to introduce our new blog that will provide you with access to IT thought leaders across the country. We are launching this blog in conjunction with the new CBTS web site, which reflects our expanded national and international footprint following the 2017 acquisition of OnX Enterprise Solutions.

Over the coming weeks and months, this blog will bring you a mix of content that provides internal and external perspectives on current topics that matter most to IT professionals.

CBTS internal experts will provide regular commentary on the challenges our clients face – particularly in the healthcare, retail, government, and education verticals. We will draw on the expertise that comes with serving companies of all sizes – including dozens of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 customers – across verticals.

For example:

  • CBTS has a long relationship with a Fortune 20 global manufacturer and is delivering cloud-based solutions that allow this client to run in an efficient, nimble, and productive way.
  • CBTS is partnering with several large, multi-site health care organizations to deliver solutions that help improve patient outcomes in this complex, heavily regulated operating environment.
  • CBTS is providing network and communications solutions to support mission-critical voice, collaboration, sales, customer care, and Internet applications for companies including a Fortune 100 beverage manufacturer.
  • CBTS consultants and app developers created and now maintain an industry-leading digital rewards program for a Fortune 100 financial services company.
  • CBTS has deep experience in the government/education space, and manages cloud-based communications platforms for the States of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

We’ll also bring you Q&As with IT leaders at large enterprise organizations; we’ll spotlight startups and companies that are innovating in healthcare, retail, and other verticals; and we’ll provide thought leadership from experts on mission-critical topics like security, as well as emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Ultimately, we want this blog to help you think about your own business in a new way, and provide valuable insights into the current IT landscape.

You’ll see that we’ve already posted some great content. And over the next two weeks, we’ll give you some perspective on our five CBTS pillars:

After that, we will begin to connect you with internal and external experts throughout the IT space. We also want your feedback and suggestions.

Please contact us to share your thoughts.

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