CBTS: We have you cloud covered

March 7, 2018
Paul Williams

The cloud is the most transformative – and disruptive – technology innovation influencing the 21st Century business world … which is why CBTS has our clients cloud covered. Cloud-based technology is delivering multiple benefits to enterprise companies – from cost savings to increased productivity. 

Cloud technology also allows IT organizations within these enterprises to focus on strategic initiatives that create positive business outcomes, and leverage the expertise of partners like CBTS to help manage other parts of their IT infrastructure. 

CBTS is working with organizations of all sizes to leverage cloud technology and improve their operations. One prominent example is our work with a Fortune 20 corporation to implement a virtual data center and a cloud-based unified communications solution that is driving increased collaboration, and decreased operational costs. 

The Problem 

This client operates in several diverse sectors across the world, including Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Transportation, Pharmaceutical, and Aviation. The client had several challenges with its previous infrastructure: 

  • Antiquated, disparate phone systems across divisions that were costly to maintain. 
  • Multiple cloud and compute environments. 
  • Ongoing need to update and maintain hardware infrastructure – an activity that is not central to its core business. 

The client required a flexible solution that would reduce costs, increase productivity, and generate additional bandwidth for its internal IT organization to focus on mission-critical applications. Cityscape with clouds

The Cloud-based Solution 

CBTS has been an IT partner to this client for nearly 20 years. We provided a two-part solution leveraging cloud technology. 

  • CBTS built a Virtual Data Center (VDC) as an internal private cloud for the client. The VDC has grown to five production instances in five cities worldwide, with over 4,500 virtual machines in use. CBTS owns all of the hardware with this solution and provides infrastructure support 24x7x365. In addition, CBTS implemented a dedicated hybrid cloud environment for AWS, Azure, Office 365, and other public clouds. Finally, CBTS built a private environment consisting of 140 virtual environments and over 1,000 virtual machines across two data centers as part of this hybrid solution.  
  • CBTS also built a fully managed, centrally hosted IP telephony platform. The CBTS Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution has been implemented in all of the client’s divisions in the United States and Canada. CBTS currently manages and supports approximately 47,000 profiles. CBTS owns the UCaaS platform, which is based on the Cisco HCS platform, and provides 24x7x365 support. The client pays a predictable monthly fee that includes all equipment and maintenance. 

The Benefits 

These cloud-based solutions support multiple business outcomes for the client, including the elimination of large capital expenditures on computing equipment and software, enhanced collaboration, and reduced training costs. Additionally, the client’s IT organization now enjoys additional bandwidth to focus its efforts on strategic initiatives, knowing that CBTS is handling core infrastructure applications. 

The benefits of being cloud covered aren’t limited to Fortune 20 organizations. We invite you to learn more about how cloud solutions from CBTS can help you realize your business objectives. 

To find out more about the CBTS work with this client, read this case study. 

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