Enable remote branch employees with SD-WAN

August 21, 2020
Jana Dorton
Solutions Enablement Manager

Working outside the office is rapidly becoming the new normal and, in some ways, home offices are the new branch facilities. Many remote working situations put employees at a disadvantage; those working at home may have to share their wireless bandwidth with family members and their devices, while those in branch offices may be dealing with underpowered networks compared to their traditional workspaces.

This is becoming a widespread issue as major corporations and enterprises are continuing to shutter office buildings for safety reasons during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these organizations are now relying on employees’ home and remote environments to serve as fully functioning branch locations.

These “temporary” remote working situations are no longer temporary in many cases, with several enterprises putting off plans to return to traditional office environments. Therefore, to avoid productivity losses and to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on mission-critical business goals, enterprises relying on remote environments must equip their employees with networking capability equal to what is available in more traditional office settings.

To support the many organizations struggling to equip their remote branch employees for success, CBTS is offering a suite of networking solutions that can empower remote branch employees to connect with reliable signal strength no matter where they’re working from or how many users or devices they’re sharing their remote branch with.

For years, CBTS has been on a mission to fix networks, not just the devices that connect to them. That mission continues with the Meraki Remote Work Bundle, which includes the MX67C Firewall and 1G LTE SIM card, a fully managed cloud security solution complete with automatic VPN and LTE connection functionality.

This package offers a robust collection content and search filtering, anti-malware, self-provisioning, and remote management features. This not only keeps remote employees safe from intrusion outside the office, but it also allows network administrators to maintain access for remote branch workers without the need to be physically on-site. The integrated LTE technology also allows for remote cellular visibility without the external hardware or configuration requirements of similar networking platforms, making this bundle an all-in-one remote networking solution.

Other options for enterprises looking to optimize connectivity and efficiency for their remote branch employees include the VMware SD-WAN 510 LTE Edge with 10mbps license. This provisioned appliance enables secure connectivity to proprietary applications and protected data regardless of location. It also allows remote branch employees to access private data centers, public clouds, and other sources, all with unparalleled signal strength, more reliable coverage, and fewer compatibility issues than non-standardized USB modems. Additionally, this package comes with a 1G LTE data plan.

In addition to these network-boosting hardware solutions, Check Point CloudGuard can be added on to deliver managed cloud security services at the enterprise level—making remote branch traffic smoother and creating secure connections over traditional internet and hybrid WAN transports.

With this array of solutions, CBTS seeks to solve networking challenges at their source by transforming the connections that modern enterprises rely on instead of simply installing new devices. These services offer a cost-effective way to make remote branch operations more reliable, secure, and effective, with proven LTE technology serving as a backup transport.

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