Network as a Service Transforms 6 Key Industries

July 21, 2017
Gary Hilson

The Network as a Service (NaaS) model for deploying and managing networks eliminates the costs associated with MPLS networks while easily adapting to the specific needs of different industries, such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. Until recently, organizations with multiple remote locations had no choice but to grapple with the costs and complexity of managing their own Wide Area Networks (WANs), including their wireless connectivity.

Adding to the pressure on IT staff, different locations have their own unique requirements. This is further complicated by the Bring Your Own Device phenomenon and the Internet of Things (IoT), which both require robust security, flexibility, and scalability to meet fluctuating demands.

With the emerging NaaS model for delivery of enterprise-wide connectivity, organizations can shift responsibilities for networking to a third party, just as they moved to deploying applications using the popular Software as a Service approach. The NaaS paradigm reflects the reality that deploying a network in a dynamic environment — whether a retail location or a healthcare facility — adds complexity to IT in terms of installation and ongoing management, regardless of company size.

Network as a Service Basic Functionality and Benefits

CBTS recognized this shift in WAN management by creating NaaS offerings that provide businesses with scalable methods of supporting, maintaining, expanding, and securing commercial networks. CBTS’s NaaS eliminates the capital expenses that come with building out individual networks or performing forklift upgrades to replace aging equipment that doesn’t meet traffic and application demands.

Many different industry verticals can benefit from replacing expensive MPLS networks with the flexibility of NaaS:

  • Retailers with multiple store locations and business offices can securely connect endpoints. These endpoints include increasing wireless point of sale devices and kiosks.
  • The NaaS paradigm is ideal for supporting temporary locations that deliver healthcare services. Healthcare services such as satellite clinics and short-term research labs within hospitals.
  • Taking the NaaS approach to factory-floor networking reduces capital costs and eliminates downtime. This is done by providing scalable, reliable connectivity in an industrial environment that’s primed to take advantage of IoT devices.
  • NaaS has security baked in, rather than requiring additional time and expertise to layer it on top of the network infrastructure. This makes it particularly well-suited for industries that handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as the financial sector, where breaches by hackers that result in leaked credit card data are a persistent threat.
  • Restaurant chains such as fast food franchises and coffee shops can easily provide network connectivity to new locations and securely segment their NaaS. For employee and customer use.
  • Finally, the budget-conscious, resource-constrained education sector can easily and securely accommodate both staff and student connectivity expectations through a NaaS deployment. A NaaS deployment offers superior performance when transmitting a wide variety of content, including HD video, software applications, voice, and data.

Regardless of the type of industry vertical, CBTS’s customized, fully-managed networking products bundle together cloud integration, security, switching, Wi-Fi, management, monitoring, VPN, and SD-WAN. In addition, CBTS NaaS is available as a utility pricing model for businesses across the United States. The full-stack NaaS offering includes 24/7/365 monitoring, management, and support in addition to upgrade services over any connection type for single locations and multiple branch offices.

Through NaaS offerings, CBTS supports the entire spectrum of network and IT infrastructure requirements. This occurs via leveraging a software-defined approach to networking that responds dynamically to application and traffic requirements. CBTS makes managing hybrid, public, and private networks with remote sites more affordable and less complex. With CBTS NaaS, businesses can migrate to a high-performance network without the price tag and IT management burden.

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