Six ways to enable business transformation with UCaaS

March 11, 2021
David Absalom
Director, Solution Design

While it may soon be common knowledge that on-premises PBX communications infrastructures are no longer suitable for the demands facing enterprises today, many are still under-informed in regard to the alternatives.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is rapidly becoming a widely-adopted tool for organizations seeking to keep pace with the modern digital world. However, in order to successfully adopt a UCaaS solution, the entire organization—from front-line workers to upper management—must be educated on the benefits of UCaaS.

Here are a few of the main ways that UCaaS can enable digital business transformation for your enterprise:

1. UCaaS can be supplemented with a wide range of integrated capabilities

One aspect making UCaaS so attractive to so many enterprises is the versatility it offers in terms of supplementary features and benefits. These can include workstream collaboration platforms, AI-driven Interactive Voice Response (IVR), hosted call reporting and recording, contact center functionality, advanced data analytics, and more.

At its core, UCaaS is designed to replace your aging PBX telephone systems and combine all collaboration technologies in one package. This makes UCaaS capable of unmatched versatility and convenience when combined with the conferencing and communication applications your organization needs. As a single solution provider, CBTS adds security and multiplies the convenience by delivering all the technology in one package on a secure network backed by 24x7x365 support.

2. UCaaS empowers a cloud-forward business transformation

Understanding the cloud and all the functionality that it offers­—let alone embracing cloud computing as a business transformation and modernization initiative—isn’t always a simple proposal for organizations accustomed to legacy PBX communication infrastructures.

As an inherently cloud-based and hosted solution, UCaaS makes cloud transitions simple and painless. Your UCaaS provider oversees the implementation and upkeep of your cloud communications infrastructure while you reap all the benefits.

3. Free your IT staff from tedious day-to-day operations

The availability and bandwidth of modern enterprise IT professionals are at a record premium. Many organizations are stretching their IT teams to the limit with constant updates, troubleshooting, and general system maintenance.

UCaaS solves this problem by allowing updates and launches to be executed on multiple communications services and technology platforms simultaneously. Additionally, day-to-day monitoring and management tasks are also taken off the to-do lists of internal IT staff by the organization’s UCaaS provider.

4. Give your remote workers the tools they need

With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating a global need for reliable and advanced remote conferencing and productivity capabilities, UCaaS could make the key difference in your enterprise’s work-from-home and hybrid workforce initiatives.

The culture of work itself has changed in these chaotic times, and simple conference calling functionality is no longer enough. Through UCaaS, your organization can give remote workers the secure collaboration, softphones, video conferencing, file-sharing capabilities, and other features they need to do their jobs from any location.

5. Take advantage of “set it and forget it” network upkeep

As a hosted service that lives on the cloud, UCaaS grants total peace of mind when it comes time for crucial system updates, patches, and support. Your UCaaS provider should not only manage daily system upkeep tasks but will also set the roadmap for the future development of your unified communications infrastructure.

6. Keep your entire organization compliant and secure

In this new age of decentralized, mobile, and hybrid/remote workforces, data security is arguably more critical than ever. UCaaS solutions leverage the latest network monitoring and threat prevention measures so that your teams can be confident that their information is protected at all times.

Through your UCaaS provider, your communications infrastructure should be kept up-to-date on all relevant regulations and other compliance measures you’ve agreed to.

CBTS is dedicated to providing the right UCaaS infrastructure to empower your business transformation strategy while keeping your employees connected and safe. Contact us for more information on how UCaaS can drive innovation for your organization.

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